Rainy Day Coffee

I don’t know about your place, but here in south east Georgia, we have had our share of rain. Seriously! Not only that, but it is cold. You have to understand the south. When it gets down to 70 degrees we get excited and start pulling out sweaters. It isn’t 70 degrees, though. It’s 25 degrees. That’s cold! So, it’s cold- and wet.

I have no desire to leave my house when this is what I have to face. I guess you could call me a cold weather wimp. That would not offend me. I like my nice warm house. I cry when I think of those who are out in the cold because they have nowhere to go. I wish everyone had a warm house to go to, and a nice hot bowl of soup or cup of coffee in their hands.

I’m sure, on these cold, wet days, I drink too much coffee. I just love the taste. I love it so much that I can’t even drink it with cream and sugar anymore. My tastebuds relish each sip of the blackish liquid. It’s like a game where each one tries to discern the different notes of each cup; even of each sip. I tell myself that the next cup I’ll enjoy a flavored creamer or syrup, or just something a little different. It doesn’t usually happen. It’s the black cup again. The “make my tastebuds dance” notes in each cup call me once again.

You can’t do that with grocery store coffee. That’s where the cream and sugar tradition started, you know. I’m sure it has to be. If you want coffee that doesn’t have to be disguised with other flavors to be drinkable, try my Earth Works Coffee. This is the coffee that I can’t bring myself to disguise.

I’m not kidding! You won’t be sorry if you try it. Unless you just don’t know how to brew a good cup of coffee; and that’s another post for another day. You must learn to brew a great cup of coffee.

So I sit here with a great cup of rainy day coffee.


I would love for you to be enjoying a cup of Earth Works Coffee. It’s the best rainy day coffee as far as I’m concerned. It’ll beat the blues and the blahs. Be careful, though, because it just might make you want another cup. ?



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